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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a family owned, Houston based business installing closets all over the world when there are 10 to 15 closet companies in every major city?

First, with over 40 years of wardrobe planning experience, we plan our closets differently than anyone else in our industry. By using all of the three dimensional closet space, we can, in many cases, almost double the capacity of plans from other closet companies.

Second, we spend a great deal of time working with our clients, assisting them in evaluating their needs as to what will be stored in their wardrobe areas. In working off of specific wardrobe inventories, we make certain that what has to be stored is not only stored, but is stored with proper garment spacing. Typically we will spend 8 - 10 hours in design and layout time to maximize the available space relative to our clients specific needs. Floor plans and elevations are then guaranteed to specify where each inventoried item will be most logically and effeciently stored.

What does your company do besides wardrobe storage?

Nothing. We do not do garages, pantries, studies, wall beds, home offices, laundry rooms, etc. We have chosen to do one thing extremely well. Although our line is very broad and we could "make components work" in these other areas, the line has been designed to store clothing and clothing related items.

I have heard that you are the "Rolls Royce" of the closet industry -- that being said, Can I afford to buy from you?

Because we do not have commissioned sales people, do not pay franchise fees, and spend almost no money on advertising, our cost structure is artificially very low. If you wish us to emulate plans from other companies, we can provide the same limited storage and sometimes even save you some money. You will not get much out of your closet space. Should you want to use all of the space that you are entitled to, it may cost a little more money, but you will incredibly enhance your capacity. Many of our clients will create the proper basic storage and then add accessories, additional drawers, etc. as their funds become available. At no cost, we will provide a budget estimate, based upon the number of units which will fit into the allocated space.

If you do not advertise, How do your clients know about you?

Simply by doing things right. We make sure each of our client's storage needs are met and that everything is working properly. We really enjoy helping people. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and understanding their lifestyle, travel requirements, dressing requirements and so on. Because we make a difference in our clients lives, they will normally tell their friends how much we have helped them, and suggest they look into our company for their wardrobe needs.

I have heard that you have done work for some very important people -- Can you tell me about that?

Our client list includes three presidents, several governors, a number of nationally recognized film and recording artists as well as many nationally prominent sports figures. The thing that all of these people have in common is that they are very busy -- we are able to help them through simplifying their dressing process by providing order and organization to sometimes very extensive wardrobe inventories.

I am interested in looking further into Programme Martin. How do I get started? How do I know how much my closet will cost?

For those of you who are in the Houston area, we suggest a trip to our Houston showroom. We have extensive showroom space and you can see, feel and touch the parts. You will be able to see the quality of the finest in European hardware and how easily everything works.

For those of you where a showroom visit is impractical, you can send in a floor plan of your space or draw a rough floor plan and show the dimensions around the closet and give us your ceiling height.

We will get back with you after we have "blocked" the closet to determine how to treat the corners and see how many units will fit into your space. Once we arrive at a unit count, we will go over the budget guidelines with you.

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