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Customer Testimonials

Dear Randy,
We would like to thank you for the beautiful and efficient job you did with our closets.Your professionalism and craftsmanship are remarkable. We are so very happy! Thank you!

Mrs. G.S. Aspen, Colorado

Very seldom do we have the pleasant professional work done in an orderly, timely manner. Glenna and I appreciate you and your workers who rave made our new home very special. Please come see your work.

Mr. F.F. Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Randy,

Andrew and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job on our new closets --Truly superior craftsmanship. As you know, we did not see much of that in our building experience this year. Thank you for being so accommodating and easy to work with, we really appreciate your time and effort. Be assured whenever the occasion arises we will certainly recommend your product.

Mrs. S.S. Houston Texas

Dear A. J. and Family

Thanks so much! Our closet is beautiful and we can now finally see all of our clothes.

Dr. J.O. Washington D.C.

Dear Randy,

I wanted to once again express my thanks for the great closet. When I originally heard about your company I was told that you had a fine product but were very expensive. There were two errors in what I was told: one of commission and the other of omission. The first error is that your product is not very expensive. It is an obviously very high quality system. When you compare apples to apples your pricing is actually very affordable. My trim carpenter would have charged me almost as much but not come anywhere close in terms of quality and workmanship.

The second error is that I was not told how exceptional your service was. The initial meetings and design phase let us achieve the kind of closet we never even knew existed. Throughout the many and long delays during the construction of our new home you were always attentive and willing to modify your schedule to make mine work more smoothly. After having talked to your mother on several occasions, I quickly realized where your friendly and cooperative professionalism came from.

It has been a rare pleasure to work with a company that combines a great quality product with superb ongoing service. I would be delighted to act as a reference for you at any time. Thank you for helping us to achieve something truly special in our new house.

Dr. J.F.D. Houston, Texas



Dear Mr. Martin,

We are finally settled into our new home and Debbie and I would like to thank you and your parents for all the help you gave us in designing our closets. They turned out magnificently and we are reminded every day of our wise decision to purchase them. Your professionalism and willingness to spend the necessary time in achieving an excellent result made our experience in dealing with Programme Martin a very rewarding one. If you ever need to show a prospective customer an example of our work, please feel free to call on us as it will be our pleasure.

Thanks again for all your help and best regards to all the Martin's.

Dr. P.R. Houston, Texas

We love out closet system. It is the best!

Thank You

Mrs.E.S. Maeietta, Georgia

Mr. Martin,

The closets are amazing. We were almost ready to begin construction of a closet addition when we heard from a friend about your firm. Without adding any space were able to move all of our clothing back into our master closet and we did this for about 1/15th the cost of what were getting ready to spend on our closet addition. We can not believe the amount of space you "created" through your magic. Great job!

Mr. A.H. Houston, Texas

Now that I can see my clothing it makes getting dressed so easy and enjoyable! Getting dressed used to be a very frustrating chore. I now leave home happy!

Mrs. C.S. Houston, Texas


I just wanted to let you know that I am emjoying my closet tremendously. My wife had to talk me into doing my closet as I was just going to let the carpenter do it. I am so glad she did -- I have so much more room than what I would have had.
You're the best.

Mr. B.M. Greensville, South Carolina

Dear Mr. Martin,

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us. Our closets look absolutely fantastic. We have had more compliments about them than any other thing in our new home. Again, we cannot thank you enough. Please let us know if there is anything we can ever do for you.

Mrs. P.B. Houston, Texas

Thank you for all your efforts in the removal of our old closet system from ____________ and the installation of your new closet system. Your system was designed just as I have dresses "tailored" to fit. I cannot believe the quality difference, but more importantly, the capacity difference. Before, I had a bunch of narrow shelves, but virtually no hanging space, now I have a place for everything. I wish I had known about you before I used ____________.
Thanks again

Mrs. D.D. Houston, Texas

Marianne and A.J.,

I cannot tell you how much I love my closet. It has become the highlight of the tour of my home. I hope you will call me if you ever come to Boston. I would love for you to see my new home, but most importantly, my gorgeous and efficient closet. Thaks for all...

Mrs. J.T. Boston, Massachussets

Thanks so much... You folks have made our lives so much easier.

Mr. L.M. Houston, Texas

Dear Marrianne,

Thank you for the refund on my overpayment. I will note the ethics of your company as well as the quality of your product and service to anyone who asks. Candis and I will be happy to be a local reference for Programme Martin.

Mr. S.S. Aspen, Colorado

Mr. Martin,

Thank you so much. The closet is beautiful and most functional for us. Your whole team was very professional and did excellent work. We will be certain to refer anyone to you.

Mrs. C. B. Houston, Texas

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